About Hellmans Drengar

We pride ourselves on probably being Sweden’s most courageous male choir. Through singing and developing the male role we focus on strengthening the individual and at the same time creating a better world for all mankind.

Hellmans Drengar was founded in 1995 and today comprises some 50 members. We are a politically independent association with no specific religious affiliation.

We challenge the typical view of the male role and actively work towards abolishing the traditional idea of what a man is and how he should behave. Myths such as “a good man manages on his own”, and “the power of one” – often isolate men from each other rather than bridging the gap between them. Our goal is to develop the male role by using the choir as a forum for its members to create, feel and express themselves without being compared and valuated. To further reinforce the concept, Hellmans Drengar works with a unique repertoire; most of which has been written or arranged by choir members. This means that we often sing songs generally believed a male choir can’t or won’t sing, for instance pop and heavy metal. Our aim is to give food for thought.

The evolving male role

An essential part of our work is to develop the male role in parallel to singing together and maturing as a choir. We do this by actively listening to what each member says and by realising that we are not alone with our problems and thoughts. It is also vital that everyone gets an opportunity to formulate his thoughts and openly voice them in front of the others. And so we come to understand that we’re not that different after all, that all of us carry the same sorrows and joys and concerns. It becomes a way to open up, to exchange and share experiences and learn from each other. We believe this is the background to the great success we’ve achieved over the years, not only within Sweden but also abroad.

Singing and rehearsing

We rehearse once a week throughout the year apart from during the summer holidays, and also run intensive weekend rehearsals four times a year. We are proud to have an audience amounting to least 5,000 people during any given 12-month period and work to making every performance an eye-opener to our listeners.

WANT TO BECOME A DRENG? Would you like to sing with us? Send an email to and we will contact you for an audition.